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Now On
Private Lives
by Noël Coward

★★★★★ The Arts Review
★★★★★ The Irish Mail on Sunday
‘Funny, charming and totally irresistible’ The Arts Review
‘Sumptuous’ Irish Independent
‘A perfect play' Sunday Independent
'Scintillatingly entertaining' The Irish Mail on Sunday

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I'll Go On/Eh Joe/First Love

By Samuel Beckett
August 23rd - August 31st 2013
Lyceum Theatre
Edinburgh, Scotland

First Love

After the death of his father, a man finds himself homeless, sharing a canal-side bench in Dublin with a prostitute. As she pursues him lustfully he unwillingly falls in love. In the ensuing relationship, he ruthlessly refuses to engage emotionally with her, except when, despite his reluctance, she arouses his desires. Written in 1946, Beckett's novella First Love is full of his rich, lyrical prose. This darkly comic story explores how love fails us and how we fail love.
'one of the most wholly satisfying nights I've spent at the theatre this year' New York Times
'elegantly profane language and mordant humor' New York Post
Cast Peter Egan
Director Toby Frow
Set and Costume Designer Eileen Diss
Lighting Designer James McConnell

Eh Joe

"The whisper in your head....Me whispering at you in your head....Things you can't catch.... On and off.... Till you join us.... Eh, Joe?"

An old man in his dressing gown moves around his bedroom, checking behind the door, under the bed, out of the window. Satisfied there are no intruders, he sits on the bed. Then he hears a woman's ghostly voice… Beckett's first play written specifically for television, Eh Joe explores how one man is forced to face up to his past and the lovers he has abused and driven to destruction. Tormented by inner demons, he is made to relive everything he has tried to forget. In this acclaimed production from the Gate Theatre, as the disembodied voice speaks out, a camera projects the face of Joe onto a large screen intensifying every flicker of fear, anger and shame. As the emotional tension heightens, we are all forced to admit that we can't escape our past.
"an unforgettable experience, 30 spellbinding minutes that seem to transport you to a timeless dimension…one of the most wholly satisfying nights I've spent at the theatre this year" The New York Times

"…a beautiful, anguished, unforgettable 30 minutes of theatre." Herald Scotsman

"One of the most unforgettable slices of theatre Irish audiences have been privileged to witness." The Irish Independent

Michael Gambon
Director Atom Egoyan
Set and Costume Designer Eileen Diss
Lighting Designer James McConnell

I'll Go On

Based on Beckett's trilogy of novels – Molloy, Malone Dies and The Unnamable – this one-man show, performed by celebrated Beckett interpreter Barry McGovern, brings together three monologues that unify the central characters of each novel, revealing successively deepening layers of reflection and emotion. Firstly there is Molloy, who tells of how he came to occupy his mother's room. Then there is Malone, alone and dying, telling himself stories as he awaits the inevitable. And finally The Unnamable, desperately seeking the right words that will permit him to utter his real self at last.
 "An outright triumph...arrestingly funny" Time Magazine
"Stunning...exhilarating" The New York Times
Cast Barry McGovern
Director Colm Ó Briain
Set and Costume Designer Robert Ballagh
Lighting Designer James McConnell


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