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August Update on COVID-19

Gate Theatre to remain closed until 2021

Dublin, Thursday July 30, 2020

The Board and Management of the Gate Theatre in Dublin announced today that as a result of COVID-19, they will not be in a position to open until 2021 and have postponed all productions for this year. The cancellation of at least 9 months of programming due to the pandemic, and the resulting loss of box office, has made staging further productions at the theatre in 2020 unsustainable.

Ahead of welcoming back audiences in 2021, the coming months will see the team focus on in-depth cultural development for the organisation, alongside working with artists on developing and commissioning new projects.

“As we look forward to the possibilities of what 2021 may bring, and how the Gate will play it’s part in helping to pioneer a new theatrical landscape, I take heart from the solidarity of our staff and our theatre colleagues as we experience this crisis together,” said Selina Cartmell, Director of the Gate.

“It has been heartening to see the hard work and commitment of the Arts Council and the NCFA during this time and the recent announcement of the additional €25 million for culture by the Government is very welcome. Our staff and their families have faced the uncertainty of the past few months with resilience, and our team is ready for the challenges ahead.

I continue to believe in the potential of the Gate to be a crucial incubator of great Irish creative talent and a powerful platform for the best of Irish and international artists.  In this brave new world we are facing together, great theatre must prevail.”

The Gate, one of only two full-time producing theatres in Ireland, is heavily dependent on box office as its main source of income.

67% of the Gate’s yearly income is from box office, 23% from Arts Council support and 10% from fundraising, so the organisation’s finances require significant audience numbers, which are simply not possible while social distancing is in place.


Recent Successes

In 2019 the Gate was the largest employer of freelance Irish theatre artists, with over 500 freelancers working with the theatre during the year.  In 2020 the Gate was slated to employ 568 freelancers (including Actors, Writers and Directors) and was due to play to audiences of over 100,000.

Since 2017, the Gate has created sold out, award-winning and critically acclaimed productions including the popular and immersive The Great GatsbyThe Snapper, Hamlet and A Christmas Carol, attracting new audiences and significantly increasing its range, diversity and gender equality statistics.

The 2020 transfer of its critically acclaimed production of Hamlet to St Ann’s Warehouse in NYC saw its 6-week sell-out run garnering rave reviews.


Gate Gift Vouchers last 5 years. If you have a valid gift voucher, it will be extended by 12 months from March 12 2020.