After a year of working from home, travel restrictions, and separation from loved ones, we invite you to come for a walk.

A walk into the world around you, to experience it as you never have before. A walk with a friend perhaps, or a group of friends, to reflect on all that has been, is now, and can be.

A new Gate commission written and performed by Clare Dunne, the IFTA Award-winning writer of Herself, Something In You Knows Things is an immersive, guided 35-minute audio walk experience that encourages you to meditate on our environment, the intimate ties that bind us together, and the global challenges we now face. And to have a little dance while you do it.

With wry humour and a gentle mindfulness, Something In You Knows Things is a beautiful, unique exploration of what it means to be live in a fragile world at a turning point, where the choices we make today determine if we will be good ancestors tomorrow.

Something In You Knows Things features music and soundscapes by Tom Lane, the Gate Theatre’s Associate Artist. For information on How To Listen, see below.


1. Choose a destination around 25 minutes away from your starting point at a comfortable walking pace. (Or 20 minutes if you want to play it safe and stroll very slowly.)

2. Walk anywhere you like, just make sure you can walk there safely.

3. If a friend or housemate is walking with you, walk from separate starting points to the same destination and roughly synchronise your arrival times. When you meet at the end, you can enjoy the Dance Section together.

4. When you are ready to start, press play on the Walk Section track and follow the spoken instructions. Make sure you’re using headphones!

5. Once you reach your destination, press play on the Dance Section track at the same time as your friend(s). Or if you are alone, play the Dance Section at home after the walk back. Or listen whenever and however you like.

6. Enjoy!

Something In You Knows Things

Written and performed by Clare Dunne
Featuring the voice of Sophie Dunne
Music and Soundscape by Tom Lane (Gate Associate Artist)

Special thanks to Jack Nolan, Andy Walsh and John Scott.
Photos by Jack Nolan.