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To book ONCE BEFORE I GO, click HERE.


To book ENDGAME, click HERE.

Once Before I Go

Until October 30th – book HERE.

Once Before I Go is an intensely moving world premiere from Phillip McMahon, co-creator of the iconic sensation RIOT!

Told against the backdrop of Dublin’s burgeoning gay rights movement of the 1980s and 1990s and the contemporary LGBTQ+ community of today, the play charts the close friendship of Lynn, Daithí, and the luminous Bernard, and sits on the exhilarating edge between comedy, tragedy and melodrama.

Exploring the fragile yet resilient bonds of Irish queer lives across four decades in Dublin, London and Paris, Once Before I Go steps between the early days of the AIDS crisis and today’s LGBTQ+ community, living in an era of marriage equality, gender self-determination, and untransmittable HIV.

At once political, joyous and heartbreaking, Once Before I Go honours the fabulous people we lost along the way, and celebrates those who fight on.


Mabel’s Magnificent Flying Machine

From December 1st – book HERE.


Accident prone and instantly lovable, Mabel Mayfly is one of the ‘left behinds’, an elf who never gets to do the good stuff because her curiosity always gets her into trouble. She has discovered a way to make Santa’s sleigh travel 26 times faster around the world, without Rudolph and his other beloved reindeer.

To test her system, Mabel has taken Santa’s sleigh on a secret test flight and, due to a GPS malfunction, has crashed straight through the roof of the Gate Theatre.

Piece by piece, section by section, Mabel must, with the audience’s help, repair her radio connection, put Santa’s sleigh back together, and find her way home.

After the show, attendees will be receive an email with a link containing a special video message from a Very Important Person.

Mabel’s Magnificent Flying Machine is a beautiful new pop-up Christmas adventure about hope, realising what’s most important in life, and understanding that we are all talented in our own unique ways.


Endgame by Samuel Beckett

Opens February 16th. Previews from February 11th. Book HERE.

You’re on earth. There’s no cure for that…

From Broadway director Danya Taymor comes a stunning revival of Samuel Beckett’s comic-tragic masterpiece Endgame.

Beckett’s classic centres on the fractious relationship between irascible tyrant Hamm (Frankie Boyle) and his boy-servant, Clov (Robert Sheehan). An apocalyptic, nihilistic and darkly funny tale, the play also features Hamm’s parents, Nagg (Seán McGinley) and Nell (Gina Moxley), living in dustbins, tossed aside by an uncaring world.

Although now 65 years since the premiere of its original production, Endgame remains an urgent and strikingly relevant work that speaks to the existential and absurdist challenges of our time.