Update on Independent Review regarding allegations

Update on Independent Review regarding allegations against the previous artistic director of the Gate Theatre


17 November

The Gate Theatre (“the Gate”) recently appointed Gaye Cunningham to conduct an independent review of the matter, and deal in a confidential and transparent manner with any complaints forthcoming, having regard to allowing for due process to all parties concerned.


Ms. Cunningham has commenced her work and is now in the process of engaging all key parties on the next steps in the process.


As part of this process, Ms. Cunningham will provide individuals with the opportunity to register their concerns confidentially, either in person or via a confidential email set up and monitored exclusively by Ms. Cunningham. She will proactively make contact with current and former staff members, current and former members of the Board and affected parties, as well as any other persons who have spoken out on the record.


The terms of reference include identifying any dignity at work, abuse of power and related inappropriate behaviours and failings on the part of any person associated with the Gate.


Ms. Cunningham will have full and final editorial control of the output of the review, and will report back her independent recommendations to both the Arts Council and Board of the Gate in January 2018.


In addition, the Gate is putting in place a confidential counselling service for any persons affected.