The Constant Wife


by W. Somerset Maugham

Maugham’s modern and amusing take on marriage and infidelity gives a quick-witted, alternative view on how to deal with an extra-marital affair. Smart, sophisticated, Constance Middleton is kind and rich and yet all her friends feel sorry for her. Her husband John is having an affair with none other than her best friend. Rather than humiliating herself and others, she denies the affair, defends the two, and sets about turning bad luck, unfaithful friends, local gossip and a broken heart to her own advantage.

Cast & Creatives

Directed by Alan Stanford

Set Design by Eileen Diss

Costume Design by Peter O’Brien

Lighting Design by Davy Cunningham

Cast includes:
Peter Gaynor
Belinda Lang
Tara Egan Langley
Ruth McGill
Conor Mullen
Rachel O’Byrne
Simon O’Gorman
Caoimhe O’Malley
Karl O’Neill

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