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A Night at the Gate: A Historical Mini-Series with Dr Ruud van den Beuken

We are thrilled to introduce this historical mini-series with Dr Ruud van den Beuken, an eminent theatre scholar and academic.

Join us every Wednesday for the next five weeks for a look into the Gate Theatre’s lesser-known plays!

This week, we are given an insight into Marrowbone Lane by Robert Collis. First performed at the Gate in 1939, this play’s themes are still just as relevant today as they were 80 years ago.

A Night at the Gate Theatre Episode 2: Youth’s the Season-? by Mary Manning. Mary Manning was a prominent playwright and writer who had her finger on the pulse of society in 1930s Ireland.


A Night at the Gate Theatre Episode 3: The Old Lady Says “No!” is here! Join Ruud van den Beuken on a journey through 1920s Dublin, where Robert Emmet has curiously found himself.

This week we’re taking a trip to Jigginstown to visit Mr Jiggins! In Ep 4 Dr Ruud van den Beuken

talks us through Christine Logford’s 1933 comedy about heritage and class in 1930s Ireland!