PIAF by Pam Gems has people talking

PIAF is 1 week down in its 7 week run at the Gate Theatre and the reaction so far has been incredible!

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Audience reactions so far:

Video by Aileen Power


The PIAF cast have been working hard in the leading up to this production, from rehearsals, to interviews, to social media participation, to TV appearances.

Here are some of the exciting press the PIAF team have been involved in:


Ireland AM: Aoife Mulholland and Kwaku Fortune chat with Ireland AM’s Tommy Bowe and Muireann O’Connell about their careers so far and how their experience with PIAF is going.

Image of Aoife Mulholland and Kwaku Fortune laughing during their segment on Ireland AM.

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The Irish Independent: Camille O’Sullivan chats with Donal Lynch from the Irish Independent about preparing to take the stage as Édith Piaf.

Photo of newspaper spread of Camille O Sullivan from the Irish Independent


The Irish Times: Piaf duo, Camille O’Sullivan and Zara Devlin are interviewed by Tony Clayton-Lea about bringing Pam Gem’s dramatic musical to the Gate Theatre.

Photo of newspaper spread of Camille O Sullivan and Zara Develin sat side by side in the red seats of the Gate Theatre auditorium.


⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review

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